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All kinds of machines processing automotive control cables

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  Auto winder, automatic winding machine Wire flattening machine
Input 220/380v, 3 phases, 3 power lines, 0~60 Hz adjustable by frequency inverter
Output 3~5kw
Average speed 2.3m/min
Capacity: Making Ø3~15mm naked conduit is recommended

Crane power output 0.75kw, work load + 90kg
Alarms on breaks of steel wire and PE liner.
Weight: 930 kg
Input 220/380v, 3 phases, 3 power lines, 0-60HZ adjustable by frequency inverter
Output: 3~7kw
Max speed: 50m/min
Capacity: processing wires with no more than 7mm in diameter is recommended
  Inner cutting and bumping conduit coating plant, including extruder, pre-forming, laser diameter measuring equipment, water cooling, drawing machine, featuring in PLC, touch screen, frequency inverter
  Outer cutting machine Stranding machine
  Die casting machine Armoring machine, push pull control cables for automotive gear box

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